Neng nong

botanical gardenSaya pernah posting nama panggilan di fb notes, dulu banget… di sini…

Nah, setelah 4 tahun lebih artinya ya…saya punya nama panggilan baru, hehehe, nggak tahu sih asal mulanya gimana, tapi everybody is starting to call me Neng.. (haiyaa…berasa lucu dan imut banget ya). Mungkin karena di tim pandawa itu, saya satusatunya cewek dan bungsu ya..Jadi..saya bener-bener dipanggil Neng.. Lucu deh.. kalo ada apa-apa Neng-Neng..Terus sms dan message apapun starting with Neng..

Tapi yang paling heboh mungkin karena my best partner in crime in the world just call me Neng every where and every time, even in the formal meeting, instead of my name..So, now I have another nickname, si Neng..tapi percaya nggak kalo nama panggilan itu merefleksikan siapa yang manggil kita..

Kemarin aja, saya ngucapin ulang tahun, dan yang berulang tahun langsung balas Makasih Neng…, hihihihi I am enjoying this Neng though, shows everybody cares about me (ngarang abis, ge-er abis, ABAIKAN)


postingan gak penting

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 12.21.16 pm

Ini postingan emang nggak penting sangat, hanya karena ada dua case studies yang akan dibahas besok, dan juga ada assignment yang duenya besok juga. Belum lagi reading material buat besok juga. Ditambah kerjaan yang belum tersentuh sama sekali, kenapa….?

Karena madam satu ini adalah madam yang adrenalinnya baru akan berfungsi dengan baik kalau sudah tenggat waktu terakhir. Hehehe, tapi mayan sih, yang assignment itu udah setengahnya, dua studi kasus juga udah saya baca, tinggal memperlancar biasanya. Tapi, saya belum puas sama tugas saya, masih perlu sentuhan lagi. Halahhhh. Anyway, I like case studies, kayaknya yang membedakan sama sekolah saya dulu, hehehe. Dan kalau udah biasa sama case study dari Harvard, case study lainnya berasa kering banget. Lalu…? saya juga ikutan buat case study loh, ituh pemisahan fungsi pengawasan Bank di Indonesia. Udah ah, postingan ini sangat tidak penting. Have a nice Sunday everyone, and have nice reading and assignment for my self. Semangat’45 harus membara, saya harus menghibur diri dengan Mc Donalds. Loh….salah ya, hehehehe…, padahal lagi pengen banget makan Mexican Food….yah sudah nachos fillet o fish is fine..

dibuang sayang

Karena disuruh buat motivational speech tentang kita 5 tahun lagi, daripada dibuang sayang, mending saya posting di blog ya 🙂

I never thought that I would have my career in public service, as I perceived my self would be fit on private sector. Nonetheless, the situation has changed, since years ago; I have been decided to take a step in central bank. Destiny has changed then I realized to become an accountable and respective central banker, I had to pursue the higher degree, which had to support me both in technical and professional skills.

I remembered, one day in 2012, I read local newspaper the advertisement to pursue a master degree in Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. Since that day, I had been searching kind of program offered and which one is most suitable for me. Voila, since I was in middle career position at that time, I decided to choose Master in Public Administration. And the story continued, I had accepted, and had to equip my self with all the preparation stuff. During those days, everybody kept asking, why in Singapore, and I kept answering why not in Singapore, which NUS had a good reputation and number one in Asia. In addition to that, courses offered in School of Public Policy were really suitable for my career aspiration.

Days in Singapore had started in July 2013, and one thing for sure that I always remembered, I never thought that the learning situation was extremely competitive, seemed “Kiasu” was really applied for us who studied here. All assignments, class discussion and exams had been haunting us for months. Nevertheless, I always remembered one email from GSP’s Professor:  do not ask why I am here, the journey is short compared to entire lifetime, just focus on every learning moment and be grateful for this chance.

I personally believe the grade that we aimed for only stated in one piece of paper, but result as an individual would be judged after we returned and riding our next journey. I learnt a lot from this one year program, first they opened my mind how importance and closely related politics and administration, do not ask me how I hate politics before I studied. Secondly, it pushed me to juggle with economic analysis, which supported my career as central banker. Above all, the one-year module named Governance Study Project equipped me with certain skills that would be fruitful for my entire life. My analytical skills, communication skills and the environment to work intensively with people from different countries had accelerated my emotional quotient. I presumed, the collaboration and cooperation to produce 60 pages of report in last two months of program with three people from different countries, different backgrounds and different personalities brought me to become what I am to day.

Back to 2014, when I returned, I started my philanthropic program; I dedicate myself to become part time lecturer in local university. Been taught by world class Professors inspired me to share my knowledge as well. And I strongly believe by become lecturer I would never stop learning. As I reach the end of my speech, I believe my MPA’s fellows are success in their own path now, and I wish everyone here a very good success in the future, just remember, enjoy every seconds in your school as a process, indeed life is a learning journey.