2014: Live Life to The Fullest

facebook_-2015081006Thank you 2013, feel very blessed and grateful, learn that if I want something, the universe conspires . The 2013 has been very good, full of surprises, love, laughter and assignments :).

One turning point, have different circumstances in the name of pursuing degree, and of course meeting and knowing great people called as FRIENDS. Even though I had very bad experience in the end of 2013, but it was my highest learning point, just a reminder for myself, money, position and title are just give from God (heran ada yang menjadikan itu kesombongan, lempar sepatu). Ignore it, don’t waste my time to person who did something bad *self reminder.

Now, as the first day of January 2014 will be ended soon, let me put my dreams for the upcoming days, I believe there will be challenging year, struggling seven months, then my first wish is to be graduated with good marks…Second, opportunity to visit Mecca (amin, God speed)

To end this note, I wish everyone very happy new year in 2014, wish you happy, healthy and wealthy life…and LETS ROAR TOGETHER


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