Percakapan dengan Almarhum Papa:
Papa: Kaka, nanti mau kuliahnya apa…?
Me: Psikologi deh Pa…
Papa: Iya ya, cocoknya…. marketing, psikologi aja…nanti kamu kerja di perusahaan, jualan sana….

Now, I do understand why he didn’t ask me to pursue econs, math or engineering…
Parents advise is always be the best 🙂 Finally I studied Psychology and never guessed I would end up myself in this financial institution, hahahaha, but I wondered ya, I had Statistics at that time for 4 semesters and I got A…what did I do.. and how  I had  gone through that perfectly, does age matter?

Now, all this equations, formulations, valuations are really triggering me…slowly but so sure…
I remember, I had good marks at Math only until my junior high school, then where was I during high school…? I guessed I enjoyed….my teen time….too much (never regret)

Anyway my lesson learnt, I asked my twins to study carefully Math…do not follow their Mom…..Math is important dear…
I know…this kind of econs thing is my exercise…of passion, let’s break the balloon

At least the tutor said…we don’t want you to be an economist, we just want you to have econ’s thinking in policy making or policy analysis…huhhhhh
Will survive….


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